Starbuck & The Spring

Recently, went to starbuck to meet up with ex-housemate. We decided to go to Starbuck since we do not intend to eat any heavy meals.

Since one of our friend still owes us a meal, this time, it's his treat. Hehehe ... Frankly speaking, I'm not the type that would pay RM10+ for a cup of sweet and branded coffee.

I can't really remember what I ordered. I think it's called chocolate something. My friend order the green tea flavor while another friend, can't remember what he ordered. Hehehe...
The main purpose of going to The Spring is not for shopping of starbuck actually. That day, there are shows at Spring, which is organized by the Astro for some Singaporean actors and actress.
Well, I do not know their name but I'm actually amazed at some of the little girl's performance. I won't dare to sing song at the stage if I'm 5 years old!
I bet not all of them is here to watch the little kids performing.. My friend is here to have a glance at the two ladies from Singapore... Not sure what's their name. Since everyone is excited, I get myself excited and snap some photo of them too!
Lately, there are a lot of events going on at The Spring. Their parking fee has gone up. As for me, I'm still with Boulevard. Hahaha...


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