Sushi King RM2 Bonanza Nov'09

Last Monday, JB, my colleague suddenly mention about the RM2 sushi king promotion which attracts everyone's attention. I sms BF about that and his first words "On leave Tuesday, want?". Pengzzz.. Well, I can't take leave on Tuesday due to meeting. Then he keep saying he cannot take leave on Wednesday. OK lor, but before I apply, his admin staff suddenly stop his application and tell him that there's no licensed forklift driver on Tuesday and there's chemical loading. So, postponed to Wednesday.

OK, half day Wednesday for the sake of sushi. Before we went for our sushi lunch, BF brings his car to complaint about the front light. We only manage to go Spring at 1.30pm. I'm damn hungry leh!!

The queue ...

When we got there, the queue is quite long. Thinking that it might takes a long time to wait, I buy myself Sugarbun ice-cream. I think the ice-cream sales during this promotion would definitely better than before. SK also had ice-cream while waiting. Kekeke...

Sugarbun Ice-cream

After 10 minutes, the worker suddenly ask "Two person? Any two person?". Surprise, we are the first customer that comes in couple. Good news is we jumped queue of about 4 groups in front of us but the bad news is I still have my ice-creams.... And we get the sit extremely corner .....

OK, after the ice cream, I definitely don't feel that hungry anymore. Huh... We are lucky to grab lots and lots of Unagi. Hehehe... Total unagi = 5 plates .. or 6.....

Apart from that, I keep waiting for the octopus. After half and hour, I decided to move from my sitting place and stand right in front of the chef, waiting for the octopus. Hehehehe.... Anyway, I only manage to get 1 plate. BF keep saying that the octopus is so pity. Just a baby and people killed for food. Hhhmmmmm, he don't want, I eat la...

This time, we tried something new and this sushi is good. Anyone know what's this call?

This is nice lah..

The greedy me

My stomach is grumbling when I post this blog..

Sushi promotion .. I'll be waiting for the next round........


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