Dinner at Swan Teem, RH Plaza

In celebrating my promotions, I treat my family and BF for a chinese dinner. My first intention is to go to Pai Jia Le but they seems to be booked that day. I should have called and ask before going there. Since it's raining, we walked around to see if there's any other nice restaurant.
I thought of going to Ah Tou's but it is way too far (raining some more). So, we just had our dinner at Swan teem.

This is actually a steamboat restaurant but they do cook for those who wants. The serves us a plate of keropok once we sat on the table. It's not free though - RM2.

Keropok - RM2 per plate

We ordered:
1. Butter prawns (this is the first dish I mention when the waitress ask what we want to eat)
2. Garlic steam fish
3. Deer meat (my dad is bored with chicken).
4. Mix veggies

We didn't order any soup though. The guys say the food should be enough. As I've make the waitress waiting for a long time, I just order Kopi-O, same as the guys.

Kopi-o .. and this really 'kao'
The first dish that arrive is my favourite butter prawns. Without waiting for them, I grab one and start eating my prawn. Hey, I'm so addicted to prawn that I ever dreamt being chased by the prawns as I ate them all them time!
Butter prawns!!!!!

The rest of the dish came almost at the same time. My focus is veggies and prawn. Hahaha....

Deer Meat...

Life isn't complete without chillie and rice.....

Overall, the food is ok but not extremely delicious. A little bit dissapointed with the butter prawn. We finish eating at around 6.30pm (my dad use to eat at 5.30pm). Since the night is still young, we decide to drop by the Cash Sweep for the live draw. Well, I didn't win anything.


Anonymous said…
Yesterday only I had prawn pulav And today again I am watching. Yummmmy.
Dav DiDi said…
Haha, hobo, prawn is nice, but watch out for the cholesterol

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