I'm Broke

A week before receiving my salary, I've already plan how much I would need to spend for items that I need. As I've got my promotion, so the increment for my pay is really satisfying. This is what I've got in my mine:

1. Sponsoring half of the cost for the LCD tv - RM1,000 (given to my dad already)
2. Get a checkup, organize by Gribbles - RM55 (done)3. There's a necessity to treat my family since I got the promotion, estimate to be within RM100
4. Pampering myself with rebonding (still thinking, yoga vs rebonding)
5. As BF did buy me things when he got promoted, so it's my turn to buy him stuff. He has already giving clues (since last month) of what he wants .... I jokingly tell him I budgeted RM50. Funny to see him start counting what he can get with RM50 (basically is 2 small aquarium for betta fish, decorations for toman fish and buy him fish. Can't remember the name but I call it ping pong fish)

Estimated spending 1,300 ?? Not to mention the fixed expenses of car loan, study loan, monthly allowance for my dad and phone....

Also, since Christmas is coming, it means preparing for presents. My church usually would ask for gift donation for the poor. Not to mention presents for my family and BF.

While talking to SK during lunch time, I realize that I need to get myself new facial cleanser and moisturiser. SK suggest product from the faceshop. Well, Clinelle don't work for my skin anymore. I might go and have a look at the faceshop items this weekend. How much would this cost? HHmmm...

Ok... I'm officially broke AGAIN ....


levian said…
congratulation on the increment. it must be exciting planning for things to do n making that list. :)
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Levian, thanks ...well, i just hope i dont overspend the money due to too happy with it

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