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It's Friday the 13th

Just a short post .... It's Friday the 13th .... Somehow, Fri the 13th is been tied to a bad day. I think it must be because of the movie Jason and Freddy Krugger and other movie such as the 13th floor, bla bla bla ....

Wikipedia say "occurs when the thirteenth day of a month falls on Friday, which superstition holds to be a day of good or bad luck."

Don't get naughty! Freddy and Jason is coming out... lol .....

Anyway, in spite of it be a superstitious day, it's also a friend's birthday .... Happy Birthday, gal!! It's your birthday, so intead of the 'ang mo' superstitious, celebrate it and eat whatever you likes ya ... diet thing, let it be tomorrow... Hehehe...

2 tell DD:

Krystyna Tie 11:07 AM  

Hi Didi...Thanks a so touched...No worries, I will certainly treat myself good today ^^ cos it's my special day rite?

Dav DiDi 1:03 PM  

Hehehe ..... welcome .... :) must remember to eat big on your special day yeah ...

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