The Most Expensive Parking in Kuching

Have anyone wonders where would be the most expensive parking?

Will it be at The Spring? Or Hilton? Or is Merdeka Palace? What about Four Point Hotels? In common sense, five stars hotels should charge higher price of parking.
Well, the other day, BF and I went to Wisma Saberkas. I can't recall the lastime I step my feet there. Before I manage to stop BF, he drove his car to the loading bay for parkings. As Kuching-lang, I know that the parking that is expensive (but I didn't know that it's hell out of expensive!).
After 2 hours and 3 minutes, we walked out of Saberkas. When we proceed to the counter, we are amazed at the charges..

RM14 for 2 hours and 3 minutes!

Later we found out that the charges are :
1st half hour - RM1
2nd half hour - RM1
3rd half hour - RM2
Subsequent half hour - RM5

This is definitely ridiculous because the parking is NOT SECURE and it's not at high class 5 star shopping mall or hotels!!!!


RaiNboW said…
Haha.. I kena this before. My parking fee that time is RM22 le.. even more expensive than urs..
Dav DiDi said…
Very crazy ho .... even 5 star parking is not that expensive leh ... for just few hours .. not one day .. if park for one day cost 2 digit amount, it is relevant..but for 2-3 hours ... its really ridiculous ...

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