My Top 5 Treat List

Today, while doing my usual blog hoping and reading other blogger's blog, I came across this very special contest about my top 5 treat list for myself. Well, this is very interesting and I can't help but to join the party to be part of the contestants!

1. Getting the most adventures on the big ocean, taking photos of wild orcas and dolphin
Some of you might think this is ridiculous. For me, watching the creatures swimming freely around is really a pleasant view that should be envy by all.

2. Having the best time relaxing on Hawaii Beach
With the hectic of life and stress that we face everyday, most of us would definitely dreamt of relaxing on the beach, listening to the sound of the sea.

3. Tour around Asian in 30days?
Some did around the world in xx days. As for me, being an asian, we should at least visit our neighbouring country, right?

4. Building a farm for the helpless animals
Nowadays, as technology is advancing, the fate of animals such as dogs are getting less un-important. They too have feelings and I hope to own a farm where I could kept those helpless animals and provide them shelter and protection from the cruelty of mankind.
5. Most importantly, getting my hand on the Dell Inspiron 13

Why? Relaxation anxiety - I can imagine myself sitting at Starbuck by myself, surfing net via the broadband connection while enjoying the smooth music around me. Not ony that, the white color model of Dell Inspiron 13 is a real inspiration to get a natural touch of life in this modern and complicated world.

Keeping touch with loves one - With the outstanding video cam, not only that I can keep in touch with relatives and friends from all around the world, but I can actually view them life at time where we are chatting! Isn't this cool?
Performance rate - everything is useless without a good performance rate. With the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, Dell Inspiron 13 has the 50% performance rate which would definitely thrills our life and passion!
Graphics - laptop is just a laptop if the screen is the normal low pixel monitor. However, the Dell Inspiron 13 has 13.3" high definition LED display. I can imagine myself sitting right in front of the laptop watching action pack as if I'm in cinema.

Hey, for the bonus part, for those who is reading this and is eager to get your hand on one of them, you can now enjoy an instant RM100 cash redemption when you purchase a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY). Simply show the coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3. The redemption is only valid online or calling 1800-88-0301. (valid until 10th November only). Grab it fast!!!


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