No. 6 Kopitiam, Jalan Song

In Kuching, it is very common for new coffee shop to be visited by homo-sapiens of Kuching that hunger for food.

Being one of the homosapien, I decided to try out this new coffee shop at Jalan Song. I guess the number six must be a lucky number for the owner of this shop. There are plenty of choices here - laksa, mee, rice, porridge, etc... We order 'malak noodles' and I get 4 piece of 'ha kao' for side dish.

I like the chairs and tables here. It is something unique and hardly can see this type of furniture at a coffee shop. I didn't take photo though as people keep looking at me while I snap some photos of the environment. The lighting is unique too. But I'm worried that it would fall down while I'm having my meal.

Anyway, I would recommend you to try out this shop. The wind is cooling and the food is nice too. The services is quite good as well.


Anonymous said…
Yes, I agree. Ambience seems to be nice And food too.
Dav DiDi said…
Yeah, ... thanks for visiting back my blog
keericht said…
Wow...its surely a place for good food & ambience. Price are also reasonable for the quality of food served.

I love the thick black coffee and the assorted kueh-kueh, is shiok menn.

Having been there thrice - I am very amazed that I have not seen one housefly in this kopitiam.. its surely a clean place to dine.

I have a chat with the owner, and it seem to me a friendly & a charitable guy. Their customer service is up to standard too.

Well - go check it out yourself, you will be happily satisfied.



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