Pooh Strikes Again

Recently, my dog is getting more and more mis-behave. I think I really need to teach her some manner.

Sometimes she is sweet and would be so close to you that it is so irresistable not to pamper her. She would usually sleeps very near with her butt touching something. Well, I don't what is her concern protecting her butt like gold. When she sleeps, NO ONE can touch her butt. She will wakes up and bite without looking at whose the one that touches her.

Spoilt and "manja"

Sometime she is sweet but most of the time, she is naughty. She likes to bite her toy, give it to people and expect us to take it from her grab and throw it far away for her to chase.

She don't accept NO to play. That's what she will do if you pretend didn't see her.....

Play !!!!

And worst, when she get over-excited, I end up with a scar on my precious skin ....... lol


Rose said…
That one thing about having bigger dog. you tend to get more scratches and the dog can jump on you. :p

I always prefer smaller dogs like terrier. They easier to manage
Dav DiDi said…
hehe... what to do, I like big types of dogs ... easier to hug .. just like hugging a teddy bear ... hehehe ... this morning, she became my bolster when i sleep.. hahhaa ..

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