Serian Town - the Durian King

Last Sunday, I accompany my dad to Serian for a visit at his hometown. For me, this town is full with Hakka and being a Hakka that don't speak Hakka, I don't know how to buy things here. Hahaha ...

On the way here, we almost 'cheat death'. While our car is on the left hand, suddenly, there's a hilux driving at the right land, trying to overtake us. I think he is driving around 100-120km/hr. Nothing is unsual until his bonet suddenly pops up causing him to lost visibility. Like any other normal driver, I guess he got panic and press on the emergency brake. His car skidded and turns to the right. We are so lucky that the car did not turn to the left, else he will be hitting us.
Our nightmare isn't over yet. His car not only turning to the right but 360 degree back to the front. My dad quickly press on the pedal to go forward, avoiding the Hilux from hitting our little kancil. I think his car turn 3 rounds before hitting on the side bar. He is extremely lucky. Along the road, there are only few side bar and he hits at the end of the side bar. Without the side bar, most probably he is now in the jungle .....

When we told our relatives in Serian, two sentence from them: "This must be the blessing from our Ah Kong, Ah Ma up there". The other sentence is "What is the plate number for the hilux? Should buy toto". *Pengzzz*

OKOK, about Serian.

Serian is a very town that located roughly 1 hour drive from Kuching. I'm not that good in geography, so I better not mention how to go there. If you are going to Pontianak or other cities in Sarawak, you would definitely pass by Serian.

The bus terminal

After we parked our car, we walked around 'cuci mata'. My dad parked the car nearby the lottery shop (as usual) and I have to wait for him to do his routine purchase. For me, I'm not that keen to 'donate' my money to lottery company.

Then, we cross the underground tunnel to go to the other side. Hhmmm, does we have one of this in Kuching??

The underground tunnel

I went to the market of Serian to look for any interesting things. Like any other market, they have fish, veggies, meat and fruits. Not to mention, during this time, durian can be seen everywhere (raw or ripe durian). The market is also selling stuff like shirts, hair band, bracelet, etc that is found in Kuching pasar malam.

King of fruits anyone?

After that, we went up the market to have our breakfast. In Serian, halal and non-halal stalls are together. This is the spirit of 1Malaysia! Not only that, the bumis here can speak chinese very fluently. In fact, I think they speak better hakka/mandarin than me! People call me banana (I think means cannot speak good Mandarin).

I order Kolo mee without cha sio but pork meat ("phak lo")... ooppss, my dad order because I can't speak hakka. Kekekkee..... I only know hokkien and simple mandarin bah.

Left of the stall belong to halal stall and the back and front are non-halal

Kolo mee

So, after the breakfast, we went to tour on the other side of the town. It seems like they have maintained this town and they have a garden with very nice scenery. The toilet looks pleasant too. Sorry, I'm not the kind that taking photos of toilet, so no photo.....

Till next time ......


Anonymous said…
God the saver.
And thanks for the tour.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Hobo,
Thanks for returning to my blog ...

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