Stutong Market Food Center

This time, I went to a market without going round buying groceries but instead go and have my stomach refill.

As my head has been playing the song for 'belachan beehoon', I decided to go 'jalan jalan cari belacan beehoon' at stutong food center. Well, apart from there, the only place that I know selling this is at All Joy, Wisma Saberkas. My dad lazy to go there, so we end up going round Stutong.

I've been here last time and I'm back again, eating the same dish. The only difference is they have improve in their quantity and quality yet maintaining the same price. This time, I can't really finish this plate of belacan beehoon. And the taste has improve from ajinomoto taste to more belacan taste. For only Rm2.50, this is definitely a very worth the money food.

Rm2.50, belacan bee hoon

If other place, tomato mee would usually cost Rm3.50. However, here, it only cost RM3.20. My dad say quite yummy as the soup is not just starch but instead a real tomato mee type of taste. They got ham in it too!

Tomato mee, RM3.20

I can see they did a lot of improvement to attract more people coming here. Well, I'll definitely come back for more (not only for belacan bee hoon).


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