Wet Market @7th Mile

Yeah, another wet market posting from worldofdidi. What to do, lately, I've been a good girl accompany the old ones going for grocerry shopping. Like any other wet market, this one too, have all sorts of things that could definitely fill up your fridge. However, unlike the Serian wet market, we won't see any accesorries here.

I thought of buying the crab that day buy 'boss' say no because we wont be eating it that night. Sobs.....

Ikan! Ikan!

We walked pass by the fish stalls. Fish is one of my favourites and I can't resist not to get any fish. So, we bought four tilapia for RM10. "Boss" say the tilapia is good to cook assam. Well, I pay, "boss" decide how to cook it. Hehehehe... OK, so fish instead of crab. I prefer to had seafood compared with meat. Hehehe, can't wait for the assam fish.

The selleer helps to clean up my fish

We pass by a box, filled with "keli". I never tried that before. If I bought it, I might as well keep it.. lol.

See, so many of them

After the fish hunting, we went to look at the veggies. Well, we didn't manage to get any veggies on that day because our fridge is full with veggies. BF say my fridge is having a 'traffic jam' situation. Hhmmppfffff.....

Mari Mari, beli sayur!

While walk round, I saw the sign board for 'ngok ngok'. My dad bought the bones for soup (so that Pooh can bite the bones).

As all souls days is that week, florist is taking this opportunity selling some flowers at the wet market. When I take the photos, the florist is actually laughing at me. I just say "bunga cantik".

Phew, so sleepy after the wet market shopping... I need to take my nap now..


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