Christmas Gathering for St. Joseph Prayer Group

Last Sunday, I went with my dad to the Christmas gathering at St. Joseph. This gathering resembles the year end holidays of the prayer group. As I still have dozens of coupons in my priveledge book, I decide to bring pizza to the gathering.

I went to 'tapao' the pizza late afternoon and at the same time, get some groceries at Upwell. Ooppsss, forgot to mention that I bought from Pizza Junction. I realize they have first floor. That's an improvement and expansion.

With my coupons, I bought 2 large pizza for RM36. They do not charge for any service tax or government tax or whatsoever taxes like the usual fast food charges. Hahaha...

OK, the dinner starts at 7.30pm. We reach there at around 7.10pm. By then, the place is already full with people. I chit-chat with my cousin in law while waiting for the time to fill my hungry stomach. So what's serve on the table? Pizza, spaghetti, cheese cakes and other cakes, fried beehoon, fried rice, fried mee, fried kueh tiaw, nuggets, salad tauhu (not sure if this is the correct name), veggies, curry and all sorts of 'kueh'. Wow....I'm really going to get myself gain some KG tonight!
As usual, before we had our dinner, there's thanksgiving prayer by Stephen Bong (hope I get his name right). We sang the song "This is the Day". Well, this is one of the Christian song that I love the most. Hehehehe ....

Finally when the feast began, everyone is circling around my pizza. Hhmmmm, I manage to grab one slice though. Hahaha... The taste is so so only and I still prefer Pizza Hut.

I filled my plate with a little bit of each of the items on the table. The cheese cake is marvellous! Really loves it. Someone bring 'rambutan' too but since my house is filled with it, I didn't bother to get some. Instead, I take watermelon and star fruit as desserts.

After dinner, there's a short 'gotong royong' to clean up the place and remove the table backs to its original place. Me? Well, I'm way too full to move my butt. All I do is sit at the corner, looking at others doing the cleaning up. (guilty me)

Anyway, it's Christmas time. Let us all sing our heart in prayers and wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


RaiNboW said…
Merry X'mas!!!!!!!!
Dav DiDi said…
Hehehe.. Merry Xmas to you too

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