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The Cut Hairdressing, RH Plaza

After last week, I am RM150 poorer. Hahaha....

AppleJul and I went to The Cut at RH Plaza for rebonding last Saturday. Why The Cut? Well, 60% is all because of the Previledge Book coupon and 20% is because it's extremely near my house. The remaining 20% is because I got no idea where to go. I've ever been to MOI Saloon (RM150), a saloon at Indian Street (RM100), Mike Saloon (RM150) and even saloon at The Spring (RM270!!!). Amongst all, Mike Saloon gives the best impact for me. This time, I didn't go there because the hair stylist is no longer working there.

Waiting to get my hair burnt

Ok, back to the main topic. I've booked the time at 1pm for 2 person. I went there earlier because rebonding usually takes a long time. I guess technology has advanced and I'm way outdated now. The rebonding only takes 3 hours. Hhmmmm.....

Unlike other places, The Cut do treatment first before the start of the rebonding. Well, I opt for stim treatment since I know I need to pampered my hair after neglecting it for quite some times.


After the treatment, as usual, they will put on a cream to 'soften' the hair before they straighten it. I am actually started to feel bored after 1 hour long waiting there. For the sake of beauty, we had to sacrifice our time and butt. Hahaha...

Out of boredom, I snap photos of AppleJul ...

Anyway, I love my new style. Too bad, I can't snap photos of my back hair. My hand not long enough. It's v-shape with multiple layers.

4 tell DD:

Hobo ........ ........ ........ 2:30 PM  

Earlier it was heavy now hairs are light. Looks good.

Rose 9:31 PM  

I dont like the long wait, too boring...usually I read magazine.

nice hair. it would be nicer and natural after few days of washing!!! :0

Dav DiDi 9:18 AM  

Hobo, yeah, I love my new hair now .. It's easier to manage.

Rose, I've book the time. So basically, I don't need to wait for my turn .. The whole process is faster than what I thought .. only less than 3 hours

Rose 9:00 AM  

Didi, that is fast!! I am thinking of doing it too. My hair looks unmanageable, look messy. wanna go for treatment and straightening. How much??

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