Dinner as Sarawak Club

During the Christmas season, S'wak Club are decorated with lots of lighting from the entrance of the club, till the inner of it. I'm really amazed at the effort in bringing up the spirit of Christmas.

Last week, I went to Sarawak Club for dinner. Thanks to my cousin who treat us for the food. At first, I totally forgotten about taking photos of the food but when my phone rings as there's sms, I remembered about taking the photo of the foods. Hahaha ...

I can't remember what drinks we ordered as my focus is on the food itself. Kekekeke.... I ordered my old time favourite, Spaghetti Bolognese while my dad ordered the Chicken Chop. Cousin ordered Crispy Mee in Cantonese Style while her hubby ordered spaghetti bolognese too.

Chicken Chop, not sure how it taste but it looks delicious

For side order, she ordered for us fried quail and sushi. Sorry guys, I totally forgotten the name of the sushi. Being me, I only know how to eat rather than remembering all those Japanese sushi names. lol...

My spaghetti bolognese is nice, just that the portion is way too big for me. If 3 years ago, I might be able to finish it but now, it really challenge my ability to finish it.

I end up 'tapao' the remaining for my dog. Luckily, she loves it very much!

The fried quail is nice too!

Oh ya, I must say, the sushi is definitely marvelous. Sushi King definitely lose in term of size and taste.

P/S: Next few post might gets polluted by food pictures.....


Rose said…
The SArawak Club's food is always great and in big portion. I missed going there, but i think only members allow to dine there. Wow, your dog is in luck, enjoy good food.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Rose, Yeah, S'wak Club is only for members. I'm not a member. sobs.. else, I'll surely be going there whenever I want to eat. It's cheap too!

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