Friendster vs Facebook

Have anyone heard about MOL bought Friendster?

Well, this morning I went into my Friendster to see what have change there. Basically, I think they change the whole thing:

1. Layout
The layout for friendster is slightly a bit like facebook. Anyone agree with me? Apart from the color and font size, the basic structure is almost the same. Status or shoutout is in the middle, birthday alert on the right, home and other buttons on top. The color in facebook is more simple and for me, pleasant. For friendster, the color is more bright. I believe their main target is teenagers.

2. Functions
Friendster have a long way to catch up if they wants to attract people to start using them. Facebook has more functions compared with friendster. This include interesting games, groups, etc.

3. Friendliness
I still say facebook is more friendly.
In summary, I still prefer facebook. Maybe I'm too get used with fb now that I've rejected friendster. Anyway, I'll log in to my friendster next month if see there's more changes on it.


Anonymous said…
I have yet to know facebook.
Dav DiDi said…
oh..really ???? facebook is very much well known ..

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