"Longkang" Fish

Just a short post ....

When I'm small, I used to play around the small drain right outside my house. Almost everyday, if there's no rain, I can be found beside the drain, jumping here and there.

Last weekend, BF suddenly have the urge to catch the little fish inside the drain to feed his fish. Well, it brings back a lot of nice memory on catching fishes. Hehehe... Of course, I'm excited with this kids activities. lol!!
OKOK, so what can we see from the drain? Small fishes, grass, what else? That day, I manage to catch a very big 'baby' frog. Well, it's not a frog but going to be a frog soon. The leg is almost well form.
Hhmmm, I tried to feed them with fish food but none of them seems interested. The 'frog' turns black the next day, but still alive. Feeling pity on them, I let them back into the drain. Hahaha....


Anonymous said…
To re-discover child within is the best.
Dav DiDi said…
Agree .. :)
Cyren said…
The tadpole (which is what your "frog" really is) will eat algae and other microscopic things in the water. Turning darker is a form of defense mechanism (having being suddenly removed of its home environment I imagine it must be feeling quite threatened)

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