The Prodigal Dog ...

Remember previously I posted about a dog that met with an accident and permanently a 3 legged dog now?

Crippled.. The left front leg can't be use...

He had stayed at a temple near to my house for almost a year. Now, he is back! Well, when I saw him, I'm so happy. I thought that he came back to visit us because he came back too this time last year.

I guess he is guarding my house?

I think he has decide to come back for good. Anyway, since he is here, I've been keeping food for him. Most of it is bones and leftover rice. My dog don't eat much and most of the time, wasted her own food. So, each time she did not finish her food, I'll give it to this 'big dog'. He becomes very skinny now.

Big dog has a good friend. Each time if his good friend is around, he will let him had his share. I call his friend 'gemuk'. Why? Well, look at the body! Although his master has given him food, he still come around asking for food!!!! Shheessshhhh ....

Asking for food from my neighbour

While I play with this two dog, my dog gets quite jealous. She don't like 'gemuk'. I think it's because gemuk has been neutered and there's no smell of 'male'. Hahaha....


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