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Shopping Again?

Last month, I've been trying to control my spending so that I won't be over-budgeting on my own expenses. Christmas is around the corner, so do other up-coming events.

So what have I spend this November for myself? Hhmmmm, I guess it's less than RM100. So, can I say it is in the acceptable range? Hahahaha....

Spectacles and Hairband

Calendar - in supporting my church



For December, I'm going to be really broke:

BF b'day - not going to say what but the price of it is in the range of RM300
Christmas party for my dad's prayer minitry - in the range of RM50 (plan to buy pizza)
BF's xmas - swim trunk + goggles (so that he won't have excuse not to go swimming with me)
My family xmas gift - I'm budgeting around RM100
Yoga lesson for 3 month - RM120

Ouch.. I felt a pinch on my wallet. Hahahaha.....

4 tell DD:

Hobo ........ ........ ........ 11:03 PM  

They say: When we spend we learn how to learn.

davina_chin 7:08 AM  

I guess so ... well, I can't use my hair band for a while now as I've just do rebonding on my hair.. hehehe

Rose 8:54 AM  

I have not been spending for many months now, so last 2 weeks when hubby brought me to The Spring for some office wears, I were excited and energised again! hahaha! Felt re-charged again. :p Shopping therapy. How effective they are.

Dav DiDi 9:13 AM  

Hahhaa.. Rose, I think women will never run away from shopping ..

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