Weekends Here, What Shall We Eat?

After going through my pictures, I realize that I've taken A LOT.. I mean A LOT of photos on food. Not sure if this is a good thing or not but I guess all of us always wonder what to eat for lunch.

Well, if we are in our budget, we can go for the franchise fast food. One of them that I love most is McD. As Chinese New Year is approaching, McD is launching the Prosperity burger now. The truth, I don't really like the burget but the curly fries is the best!! Hhmmm, I'm thinking of curly fries now.

BF likes to eat the fish dish at Sugarbun. During ramadhan, the fish will have special sauce. Too bad, when we go, there's no special sauce for the fish. Hhmmm, RM10 for this meal is really worth the value. I bet the fish alone cost more than RM5?

Anyone ever been to Carpenter Street? The other day, after going round the town for 'makan angin', we went to had our lunch opposite a temple. Some people say that this place is quite famous with their kolo mee and soup. For those who are looking for historical places, here, you can see a wall full with pictures of the olden tradition.

If all this is not your favourite, you can try out the Foochow specialties at 4th mile Everise. I've forgotten the name of the stall, but it is beside a Malay stall. When I come here, I'll always order the red date chicken in hot pot.

Or, other alternatives, you can cook it yourself for lunch..

Apart from that, for those who thirst for chinese food, try out Hong Kong Noodles, Wisma Saberkas. I've been here for more than I can remember and the food there really not bad. The spicy sauce pork mee is nice. Not only that, the BBQ pork noodles is yummy too!
When I'm lazy, all this foods will not be in my list though. I would usually go for a simple to cook and less time consuming food - corn soup. Hehehehe ..

Not forgetting, another menu for those lazy people out there.... buns

Did I make anyone hungry???? Hehehehehe....


Rose said…
I am full looking at your photos!! :p
Dav DiDi said…
Haha.. Rose, I guess Kuching-lang likes to eat ..

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