Xmas Eve - JJ Cafe

Yeah, indeed I'm still working on Christmas eve but, I can say that my soul is filled with the spirit of Christmas the whole day!

As it was Christmas Eve, BF and I planned to eat something better for lunch. Original plan was KFC. As we always say "We plan, HE decides". Well, that's what happened to our lunch menu for Christmas eve.

The day before Christmas eve, BF struck 'jackpot' that causes him a visit to car workshop. lol, are you thinking the real jackpot?? Hehehe..

So before our lunch, we went to nearby tyre shop (don't ask me why tyre shop) to see if they can repair the damage. I keep says "very good" to him because I think it's his fault that he hit the car in front of him. The shop is unable to repair the car. All they manage to do is to secure that the 'bonet' will not fly up when he is driving. He had to go to the real workshop to repair the damages. While waiting for him, I stand at the side of the shop, clueless. In killing my boredness, I snap the the pictures of the workers and BF...

Since I only have 1 hour lunch time, there's not much time left for us to go to KFC. Therefore, we end up having lunch at J&J Cafe, Stutong. Anyone had been there? I've been here for quite a number of times and I think their food is quite good.

Anyway, BF ordered Nasi Lemak Ayam and I order Nasi Goreng Belacan + Ayam. For drinks, I ordered Barley and his usual drink would be Ribena Sprite. Since he made me waited for almost 30 minutes, this meal is on him. Kekekeke... I couldn't finish my food. So I give half of my rice to BF and his leftover, we 'tapao' back for the stray dogs outside my house.

Nasi Goreng Belacan + Ayam
Nasi Lemak + Ayam
Ribena Sprite and Barley

After the heavy lunch, we went back to office. For me, I'm waiting for the informal announcement that we can go home earlier due to Christmas eve. Hehehehe....


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