Bombay Spices

Last weekend, I went to a coffee shop at 4th mile (besides Ambank). The coffee shop are called "Bombay Spices". I think it is own by an Indian Muslim, not so sure.
Anyway, I find that this coffee shop has their unique way of presenting their menu. All the menus are listed on top of the wall. For those with eye sight problem, this could irritates them. Haha...

I ordered roti canai kosong(for myself), roti canai telur (for my dad), roti tisu (share) and rojak. For drinks, I ordered 'kopi peng' and my dad ordered 'kopi-o'.

The curry is marvelous!! Other places curry is so lousy and some only have the smells of curry but no taste at all.

The Curry

Rojak India

Roti Tisu

Our foodssssssss
Fast food is available too!

Guess what ... all this for only RM10.20!
Roti canai kosong - RM1
Roti canai telur - RM1.50
Roti tisu - RM1.70
Rojak - Rm3.50
Kopi peng - RM1.50
Kopi O - RM1.00
The price is really cheap and the place is very clean. For those who loves spicy stuff, I would really recommend you come and try it.


Rose said…
Bombay Spices, Bombay Masala. I wonder are they the same?? Yes, it is owned by an Indian owner. I never been there yet, but there is a lot opening in Kuching now. I love Mamak food.
Dav DiDi said…
Not sure if they are they same .. But i loves the Indian food here ... the ppl are friendly and the food is nice.. just ... its high cals

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