CNY Shopping Mood

Lately, I'm in super shopping mode! For us girls + chinese, CNY shopping would definitely means new clothes and new other stuff. For this year, I didn't plan to bake anything. All because of the name of LAZINESS. Hehehehe... Everywhere in Kuching, you can hear chinese new year song. Especially in shop like 688, Super Saver, you can really feel the mood of CNY flying in the air.....
The other day, I went shopping alone while BF work OT. Sometime, I would prefer to shop alone. Whenever I shop with BF or my dad, their usual thinking is "Why must girl take and try but at the end, might not be buying it?". lol, like how you guys takes care of your electronic gadget/fish/car, that's how we take care of our image, ok!

I enjoy the shopping alone time. Not only that I gives time to pamper myself, but also because there's no noise pollution beside that would totally spoil the whole shopping mood. While trying, I snap some picture and mms to BF. Want to know his comment? Well, I wrote it at the bottom of each picture.

BF say, "Why got string again?"

BF say, "OK"

BF say "Color looks so old"

BF say "So bright"

BF say "What happen to the neck?"

As for sandals, well, this is actually out of madness. Went to Boulevard and I can't find any that I like. Went to The Spring, and again, I can't see any that is reasonable price and nice. At the end, went to S.O.S and saw one which I like BUT there's no size 4. Sshheesssshhhhh!!! Why is it so hard to get nice sandals? I walked out S.O.S with one flat sandals of RM12.

The next day, I went for sandals shopping again. This is not planned and never been in my schedule. After church, my high heel snaps and I can't walk properly. Left without choice, I had to go to nearest shoe shop at 9.30am to find one sandals. So, out of madness, I just grab 2 and pay for it. Lol, I'm so insane......

** Regret now for pick and pay ....

And my last shopping brings me to a polka dot dress - RM25.... not forgetting a hair dryer & pendrive (no picture, lazy to take)......


Rose said…
So which shorts did u buy in the end?? Better dont ask comments from BF, bcos in the end, you wouldnt buy anything! :p
Dav DiDi said…
i think i buy the 'color look so old' .. forgot liao.. hahaha ..

hahahha, thats why sometimes when i shop with him, i end up going home empty handed lor ..

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