Dinner @Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, BCCK

Last week, my company is organizing our annual dinner at the BCCK. The theme for the night is red, gold and black. Seems like majority people chose to wear black. When I send the photos to friends and relatives far away, the first question is "Why all black?". Well, what to do... I believe the easiest way to dress up is to wear black.

SK and I reaches there quite early - 6:30pm. At first, we thought that we will be late as we are caught in traffic jam at Jalan Song. Just right after we pass Jalan Song, the traffic is pretty much cleared.

Good thing is, we are not the first one to arrive there. I'm quite amazed to see such big buildings at the centre of no where. The design of the building is quite nice. Well, for those who wants to organize any functions at this place, you can get more information from their websites.

While waiting for the dinner to start, SK and I walked around the area, snaping some of our photos. All personal photos is in SK fb so I'm not going to put it up in this blog.

The dinner starts at 7.30pm with the welcoming of the drum players. I'm quite fascinated by the drummers as they played the drums very well although they are still kids. There's one though that SK and I truely agree that he is a little bit too showing off. I didn't snap photos as I'm sitting quite far from the stage.

Best of all is the food which is serve while the kids playing their drums. Of all the food, the one that caught my attention is the fish. There's no excuse not to snap picture of the fish.

Unlike other places, the table is serves with peanuts. For BCCK, it is Jelly Fish (I think that's what we call it)

The first dish of the day

Second dish - Shark Fin Soup
The biggest fish I've ever eat! lol ...
Just look at the fish head!
Apart from the drums, there's also local singer by the name of Felicia (hope I get her name right). If not mistaken, they says that she won the RTM singing competition.
Wondering how loud the music is for that night? Just look at the girl in black

Now, the best and worst of all the show is the Diva show. I found out that this group of people is actually he-she group of people. For me, they are the best amongst all because they manage to get the audience attention. The worst is because I'm totally so not use to the he-she performance!
The guys seems to be over excited over the performance by the he-she. As for the girls, we would just sit back and shows a really weird expression on our face. I must admit that some of the he-she is in fact, prettier and sexier than my own self! lol...
At the end of the function, dinner turns out to be dancing stage...


Rose said…
Never been to BCCK.
Dav DiDi said…
It's quite a new place.. food, so so only lar

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