Dinner @ Kuching Park Hotel

Last Saturday, BF and I attended his company annual dinner. Well, I'm invited by his boss since we are the so call customer. That night, I don't really feel well. I guess it must be due to the heavy instrument during my own company dinner.

Anyway, dinner suppose to start at 7:00 pm. As usual, our typical time would always be non punctual. The dinner for the night is buffet style. I remember there's shark fin soup, spaghetti, fried rice, lamb curry, vegetables, cakes, fruits and a lot more. I didn't take much picture on the food though. Well, I have to behave like a customer, right? Hahaha...

So, while waiting for the green light to dash myself to the food section, I play around with my phone, snaping some 'nonsense' photo.

After we had our dinner, BF's boss went up to talk about their company overview, etc. Not going to go into detail on this. I almost doze off due to heavy tummy. Ooppsssss..
After his speech, it's party time for them. This is out of my expectations. I believes everyone has their own spots after office hour. Hehehhee....

I manage to snap some pictures with human in it too....

As for the food grading..... just so so only..


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