Happy New Year 2010 Everyone

As we breath, time passes by,
Holding us and moving us forwards,
Towards our dreams and goals,
So that dreams comes true.

Be it a bad or a good year,
2009 is now behind us,
Leaving us a great memory,
Memories or laughter and tears,
To sweeten our journey of life.

Forwards is our journey,
Backwards are the memories,
Let us all move forwards,
And celebrates the future of 2010!
Welcoming 2010 with gladness,
Let's seek guidance from the Mighty Ones,
To lead us through challenges and obstacles,
Growing us spritually and mentally,
Throughout the years and futures in front.

Worldofdidi just a humble blog,
But deep in thoughts and hearts,
Wishing everyone indeed,
A very Happy New Year 2010!


Anonymous said…
Sun rise to say: hello lets walk. Happy New Year
Dav DiDi said…
Happy New Year to you too !!

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