Jolly Kitchen At Hock Lee Centre

Recently, I'm quite addicted with S.O.S at Hock Lee Centre. One of the new year hunting had drives my leg there and at the same time, had my lunch a.k.a tea break at Jolly Kitchen.

I've been here for a couple of times already. My opinion is that the price is quite reasonable and the food is nice too. Outside, when you order sweet sour chicken rice, it would usually cost RM5. Jolly Kitchen charge at RM5 too. Some more, the place is air-conditioned and you can have your lunch/dinner in a better environment.

Jolly Kitchen
They are looking forward for CNY ...
The outer view ...

BF ordered black pepper fish with rice. As for me, it's french fries again (oppps, now that explain why I'm sick).

Black Peper Fish with Rice
French Fries

For side dish, BF order his favourite tom yam soup. According to this food critics, the best tom yam soup he ever tasted is this one. Why? Well, because they actually use the original spices rather than using the packet tom yam in supermarket.

Tom Yam Soup

After the lunch, BF had his exercise with the sniper gun.....


Anonymous said…
Is it possible to courier?
Dav DiDi said…
hahaha .. i doubt it ... if courier, the food won't be fresh anymore :)

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