Sarawak Hot and Cold Food

Sarawak is one of the country where we only had either sun or rain throughout the year. As I dig through my food pictures, suddenly pops into my mind to write about types of food that could satisfy our stomach no matter if the weather out there turns out to be too hot or too cold.

Early of the year is always the rainy season. Moments like this, I always hunger for soupy food. So, last Saturday, I had a soupy lunch with my dad. This meal is very appetizing especially the salty veggie with duck meat.
Salty Veggie with Duck Soup
Pork Leg Soup

Other alternatives would be home cook corn soup......

As for the hot sunny day, our throat would always ask for something cold. In Kuching, the best cold drinks will always be ABC. Other than that, there's 'me ta hon', 'white lady' and lots more. If you are in Kuching, don't forget to try this yummy drinks! My favourite would always be 'me ta hon'.
"me ta hon"


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