Xmas Day II - Chef At Home, Hui Sing Garden

In celebrating the Christmas day, my family, BF and I went for dinner at a house western food called Chef At Home. It is located at Lorong 5, Hui Sing Garden. I suggested that we walked there but no one seems to agree with my suggestion. Hahaha... It is only 5 minutes walk from my home but I never been there for a meal.

Light of Hope

I've booked for a place earlier because it's Christmas day and I think most place would be filled with the hungry homosapiens. The service there is quite good and not like what I've heard before. Well, maybe they have improved on their service after getting feedbacks from the customers.

We parked the car at my cousin's house, which is right opposite the dining place. I thought that I'm the first customer as they told me that they opened at 6pm. Well, I'm wrong. I'm their third customer. HHmmmmm.....

When I got the menu, it looks like a lot of menus are not listed. I asked the waitress there and she told me that it's Christmas menu and they don't serve the normal menu on Christmas day. Huh.. I'm dissapointed....

Holiday Menu

May I take your order?

Anyway, I ordered grilled lamb chop. BF ordered grilled chicken chop and my dad ordered fried chicken chop. Me, being the greedy one, ordered 3 mushroom soups for each of us. As my food is super heavy, I decide to order Japanese green tea.

The surrounding is quite peaceful and nice too. Apart from noise pollution, the rest of it is good. They hired a worker to keep watch of the traffic at the dining place, which is good. Cars are everywhere and it really jam up the place.

Our food is served in less than 15 minutes. Wow, being the early customer really do gives an advantage of not waiting too long for the food to arrive.

I taste each of the foods. I love the food my dad order - fried chicken chop. It's really nice and juicy. BF's grilled chicken chop is nice too. Grilled lamb chop is also nice. Hahaha....

Fried Chicken Chop

Grilled Chicken Chop

Grilled Lamb Chop

The mushroom soup is serve with free garlic bread. After I've finished the mushroom soup and the garlic bread, I can feel that my stomach is already half full. HHmmm, so I cut half of my lamb and divide them to BF and dad. Hehehehe...

In total, tonight's dinner cost RM82. As I've promise to treat everyone for Christmas, the bill is on me.. Now, I'll be waiting for BF to treat me back. Hehehe....

After the heavy dinner, I ended up like my dog....


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