Xmas Day - Part 1

Christmas morning sets my mood to 100% happy! Hahaha...

Ok, so what's your plan on Christmas day? For me, I went to church as usual. The choir for Christmas day is very much alive and I loves their singing! I tried to record the sound but it turns out not very clear. As usual, the church is filled with the follower of Christ. I take the opportunity to snap the photo of the Virgin Mary as it is lighted with candles.

After the mass, I called up godmum to ask if she wants to go for lunch. As usual, she doesn't feel like going out. So my dad and I went to Kenyalang. My first motive for the day is to buy the movies. Anyway, I end up didn't get anything but a while colored nail polish. I walked all round Kenyalang and saw a lovely white sandals. Just when I'm about to ask for my size, I realize that it is for kids. Sobs...

So after the short 'eye washing', I went food hunting. As I have already booked for dinner tonight, I'm thinking of something not very heavy. I ordered Cantonese kueh tiaw while my dad ordered sweet and sour rice. For side dish, I ordered the fried dumpling.

When I got home, the first thing that I do is pampering my nails with white color. Kekeke. Being a lady is not easy as we have to take care of our image, else the guys would think that we are tomboy. Lol...
After that, I cooked some 'tang yuen' as I've missed out on this events. My dad ask me to cook only one packet but being the greedy me, I just cooked all the packets that I've bought. Hehehe...

The 'tang yuen' turns out to be super big that after taken only 2 piece, I felt exploded. Sobs, I still have dinner to go... After cleaning up, suddenly I got an idea what to do with the plastics from the packaging (watch out in coming post)

(to be continue-Chef At Home, Hui Sing Garden)


Anonymous said…
pampering nails?
What if different different faces?
Please do if possible.
And wishing you Happy New Year.
May peace/happiness stay with You, family & friends forever for always.
Rose said…
Went to mass on Christmas Day amidst the gloomy weather. Then went to visit a aunt. You can check my blog for the update on 25/12!

DIY manicure?? Not bad!! I must learn from you......

Er, what you plan to do with the plastic cover? Dont tell me you venturing into baking or some sort like that? Nvm, I am watching for your next post!!

Happy New Year!
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Hobo/Rose, Well, girls will always be girls .. I do think of doing different design on design finger .. but I have difficulties making the right finger looks good.. :(

The plastic? well,.... surprise.. haha

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