Lion Dance

Lion Dance is a traditional dance performance in Chinese Culture. Origin of lion dance is actually from India and not China. It represents the guardian.

As for chinese lion dance, it can be categorize into two styles ; northern and southern. Northern dance is used as entertainment with the colors of red, orange and yellow or green for female. Northern dance is mostly acrobatic and involves some dangerous stunts. Southern dance is performed as a ceremony to exorcise evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune. Southern lion dance has wide variety of colors with large eye, mirror on the forehead and single horn on the forehead.

During this year chinese new year, most businessman would engage lion dance at their house or their shops. According to some of the fengshui, the best day to start business is on the 19th Feb or 22nd Feb. While wondering around the town, I saw one coffeeshop engaged lion dance to be performed at his shops. Being the busy body girl, I quickly ran to the area to watch the stunts. I believe this is the Southern Lion Dance.

Money hanging on the wall .. not sure what this means.

A pail of water at the entrance. I believe this is to wash away all the bad luck
Lion dance isn't complete without the back support people
When the lion is so near to me, I snap this photo.. kekeke

Then the lion went to each individual stalls to 'bless' them and chase away the evil spirits so that fortune will strike the owner .... (hhmmm, DD not sure if this is the reason.. haha)

I even take some videos for the dance!


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