Mek Mek, The Abandon Cat

Few weeks ago, while waiting for BF, I saw one little kitten right in front of the entrance entering the office. She is extremely skinny and looks like someone abandoned her here. This is actually not the first time I saw cats in my office.

My office is actually quite desserted away from other locations and the only reason for dogs or cats to be found here is someone had abandoned them here. It's normal to see monkey, snake or other wild animals but not dogs or cats. I wonder who is that heartless human being that throws animals like rotten food. Sheeshhh ...

When BF came out, the kitten suddenly walk slowly to us. She looks like asking for food. As BF house owner forbidden dog (but not cat), he brings this little kitten back since her original owner had abandon her for nothing. She is actually scared of me though. I guess maybe I smelled of Pooh. Hahahaha ....

BF's family called her 'Mek Mek'. I called her the abandon ones. Hahaha.... Now, Mek Mek is healthy and slowly gaining weight. After few days staying at BF's house, Mek Mek has turn naughty and starts to go out all the time. Huh.... It is so hard to control cat!


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