Project H - Getting Ready for an Investment Project

Not long ago, I've mentioning about my new project for the year of 2010. As a start of the project, I am now more hardworking in reading the newspaper. Hehehe... Not really reading though but watch out the advertisement page for interesting news related to project H.

This goes to new hobbies of newspaper cutting on any related news... Not to mention, few rounds of visits to Kota Padawan and neighbouring area just to find the best locality and space.

Still wondering what I'm talking about? Well, I'll just let pictures speaks it out... Wish me luck in finding the one that suits me and my budget!

For the pictures of above, if you are interested, can go to this website:

It's not easy to find something that suits our needs. Furthermore, we are not talking about 1K or 10K but something which is 6 digits. We have to be very careful in whatever investment plan that we are considering. So far, I've visited more than 5 sites and none seems to keep me interested. My consideration involves:
- Space: Too small, expansion if impossible in future.
- Location: Too far would lead to higher petrol in future, to near would involve higher cost of loans
- Neighbouring statistics: Being a dog lover, I must make sure that the neighbouring area ia not anti dog...
- Sunset and sunrise: This is just the minority of the majority.

Not only that I'm busy doing research on development and details of the companies, I'm also hooked up in finding the best banks to arrange for the loans. I found this website where you could do comparison of interest rate at bankinginfo. For those who wonders how to calculate for the monthly repayment, this website, iproperty is good too. Hope it will benefits everyone else.


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