RCIA Class - First Day

Yesterday is the first day I attended the RCIA classes. Some of you might be thinking how come I attend this class when in this blog, I keep mentioning going to church. Well, in short, I'm already a baptist Christian and have received my first communion when I'm in primary 3. The last stage, confirmation is delayed until now. Yeah, I'm almost 30 and still confirmation is not done yet!

OK, after so many years since my last confession class, I've forgotten everything about whatever that I learnt! Frankly speaking, I feel so guilty about it.

Let me start with the sign of the cross that we usually practice: "In the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit". Why do we touch our forehead first? And after that, our heart? And lastly both shoulder? Well, our brain controls everything and without our brain we are just walking ghost. God is the Head of all things and therefore, we touch our forehead first. After recalling that God is the head of our life, He too is the love of our life. Therefore, we touch our heart. Shoulder always represent the support. When someone cry, we would offer our shoulders for support.

The class is on every Monday, 7.30pm to 9.00pm. For those who wants to attend, I believe it is still not too late to attend the class and submit your registration by 22nd February. Join me !!

P/S: This class is also partially a 'jejak kasih' class. I've met another Marians!!!


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