Cencaluk, the Traditional Food

Few weeks ago, my neighbour gave us one container of this local food called 'cencaluk'. I am actually quite fond of this sour+spicy+sweet taste of food. The taste of it actually depends on how you mix the ingredients together.

From wikepedia, this food is a traditional food in Malacca. It is made of small prawn that we called 'udang geragau'. I don't know what is the prawn called in English. *wink* For those who is looking for protein diet food, you can include this food into your diet plan.

How to make 'cencaluk'? Well, wikipedia has it all.....

For me, I would usually eat 'cencaluk' my way. The already make 'cencaluk' will mixed with red onions, chillie and lime. Then, eat it will cucumber. Yummy!!

If you are new comers here, don't miss this out! This is one of my favourite food. I can eat this with rice and there's no need for other dish. Hehehehe.....


Daniel Liew said…
Fuyoh! One of my favourite food. Not sure if this thing originated from Melaka but I know Bintulu is famous for it. I can have this bowl with two plates of rice. ;)

Dav DiDi said…
Haha, Daniel, same goes to me :) ... this one is made by my neighbour .. so its origin is Kch .. haha
Mummy to QiQi said…
wow...by adding cucumber!! am searching for ways to make a cencaluk dish for tmrow's lantern night party. thanks for the tips!

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