Expert, 4th Mile

As mention in previous post that I'll put the picture of my breakfast a.k.a lunch, last Saturday, went to Expert, 4th Mile. I've been thinking of 'cha kueh' and pork porridge for quite sometimes. So taking the weekend as chance to eat whatever that I like...

Another drink that I've not touch for quite sometimes - 'Ice Lemon Tea'.

And then, my food came.. The porridge is superb! Although the portion is too much, but I try my best to finish them.

As for dessert, its cha kueh. My dad ate 3/4 of it since I am too full with porridge. Hahaha...

I like this place very much. They have a lot of local varieties that is suitable for everyone. Apart from this two dish, you can order others like kolo mee, seafood mee, chicken rice (curry/roasted/steam/etc), fried kueh tiaw/mee, 'ding bian hu' (it's a local foochow dish) and lots more.

If I had no idea where to go for food, I'll surely come here to satisfy my hunger. Hehehe...


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