Farewell Dinner for Holy Trinity Church Priest, Fr. Stephen Lim

Last Sunday marks the last day for Fr. Lim to offer his service at Holy Trinity. This is extremely a sad farewell for me as I've been listening to Fr. Lim preaching for almost 10 years.

Fr. Lim is humble, cheerful, loving and understanding. Whenever I saw him, a friendly smile will always with him. Even if we misbehave, he still, will offer his smile as a comfort for us. From him, I learnt how to be a true Christian. As a Christian, we should always be humble and not punish others for our own weaknesses. There's always room for improvement for our behaviour and character as no one is perfect.

Indeed Fr. Lim had brings a lot of improvement towards Holy Trinity. As our church is at the centre of a housing estate, we use to get complains from other neighbour when there's function in church until late at night. Being considerate, Fr. Lim had ask for air-condition installation around the church to limit sound from interrupting the church. As time grown, the church had became more and more packed. Again, Fr. Lim had converted one of the section in the church to be a hall for others to sit in, rather than standing outside. My church has become more technology improved too.

The church had announce on the ticket for Fr. Lim farewell dinner. At first, I tried to get the ticket but to my suprise, the ticket are all sold out 3 days after the announcement. I felt quite regret for not being fast in getting the ticket. God hears my prayer when a lady in the church had offer if we would want to take 3 tickets as her relatives couldn't join the dinner at the very last minutes. I agreed.

The dinner is in MBKS hall. I reached there early. While my dad is talking, I get myself busied snaping pictures all around. Well, I doubt there's another farewell dinner with Fr. Lim right?

My table no is 26. There's a lot of performance that night specially for Fr. Lim. I couldn't snap picture then as I sat quite far away from the stage.

Dinner ends at 11pm. When I got home, I felt so tired. First thing in my mind: "Gosh, tomorrow's Monday!"......

Anyway, although starting next week, another father would be replacing him, I'll offer my support to the new father - Fr. Jeppy from Serian. I'll still be loyally attach to Holy Trinity. It doesn't matter which priest is, what matters is our heart and commitment.


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