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Firecrackers or Fireworks ?

Some people told me that firecrackers and fireworks is different. For me, both have sound and therefore, isn't it the same? Hahaha...

Anyway, CNY is officially over with the celebration of Chap Goh Mei. I just got some time to show off some of the pictures of fireworks that I snap during this year celebration.

Many of my relatives and friends says that this year less people is playing fireworks. As for me, I can hear them almost all the time during the eve, first day and chap goh mei. At first, it attracts me to have a look but after a while, I got bored and just went back into the house to watch tv. Kekeke...

During the eve, everyone starts to play as early as 6.00pm. Anyway, the view isn't very attractive since it's not dark yet. As the night falls, I can hear fireworks sound at almost anywhere!

And of all, this is the best picture I've captured!

P/S: I'm just one of the audience for the outstanding fireworks 'performance' ...

4 tell DD:

Hobo ........ ........ ........ 11:14 PM  

Firecrackers - may be that sounds
Fireworks - may be that light with less or no sound

Dav DiDi 7:22 AM  

Hi Hobo,
I suppose so .. but isn't all of them is dangerous as well ..?

Rose 9:37 AM  

There is difference Didi.

Firecrackers are those play on the ground while fireworks usually fly and display in the sky. Both got sounds Like you said, both dangerous in some way :p The one that been banned is Chinese firecrackers.

Dav DiDi 10:03 AM  

is it ?? oh.. i thought all of them are banned wor ...

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