Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching

Have anyone been to the latest shopping mall in Kuching? Well, after its first launching which is few months ago, I finally made my way to the new shopping mall in Kuching!!

The last time I went, only Pullman Hotel has started its operation. That time, I still remember that I can't find my way to the mall from the hotel. I'm quite impressed with the hotel layout and decoration. I call it artistic. As for the mall, well, I'm slightly dissapointed though.

From the outside, the mall is outstanding and gorgeous! I like the tall building but for first timer, you would be guessing where is the correct place to park your car. Like me, I circle one round before realizing that I can park the car accross the shopping mall or inside the hotel (or outside the mall).

OK, so what is in the mall? I can see Sushi King, MarryBrown, food, food, food and foods! Most of the shops has the remarks "OPENING SOON". Hhmmmm, I think maybe I should pay this mall a visit in the next 3-4 months time. I'm expecting something like The Spring or Boulevard. Apart from the security guards and some teenagers at MarryBrown, the place is almost empty. I hardly see anyone (except at exhibition booth)..Oh yeah, speaking about the booth, for those who wants to buy white gold, come to Hills Shopping Mall! Lazo Diamond is having the exhibition at the moment (not forgetting, promotions).

As for me, it takes me only 10 minutes to walk around the whole mall.!


Love seeing these photos, thanks for sharing them
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Kim,

You're welcome

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