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It's Car Duty Again - Servicing

This time, I changed the location the placed where I should bring my car for servicing. Anyway, I just want to see the difference and also to learn more about different places of car servicing.

As I've just bought a new car battery, I decided to go there for car servicing. Oh yeah, my car battery had failed to serve me on the fifth day of CNY. Lucky me that it fail to start at home, not while I'm stuck somewhere visiting. After my dad's advise, therefore, I get myself the Yokohama battery which cost RM180.

As last Friday is a public holiday, I decided to bring my car over for servicing. It's been 5 months since the last time I went for a servicing. I opt for the semi type rather than the normal oil. Although it cost much more expensive, but it saves my petrol and the engine feels better too.

The shop opens half day only due to the public holiday. I guess the workers there is trying to waste the time and do my car slowly. I can see that their business is better than my usual servicing place. While I'm there, there are more than 5 cars coming to check on the tyres, servicing, etc, etc....

Being a responsible car owner, we should always send our car for checkup and servicing. This is a step to maintain the car efficiency in the long run. As I seldom drive, I only service every 6 months. Hehehe.....

Next maintenance that I need to pay - tyre ...

3 tell DD:

Rose 2:01 PM  

Good. Must bring cars for servicing. Like our bodies, cars can break down and sick too!

i should bring my car for monthly servicing too. more than 12 years old car, so need to take good care of it.

Ching Ching 11:11 AM  

want to buy tyre, come to my dad's shop lar

Dav DiDi 8:26 AM  

Rose, yeah ... but car maintenance is really expensive .. sigh ...

SK, where's ur dad's shop? ada discount?

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