Kueh Chap @Sg Maong, 3rd Mile

Many of us might know that kueh chap at 3rd mile is famous for its generous portion and taste. So, last Saturday, while going around Kuching looking for food, we stop by at 3rd Mile to fill our hungry tummy.

This store is located almost opposite Sunny Hill. Their business is so good! Majority people that stop by will order kueh chap. They too have a lot of workers to help out delivering and taking orders.

Kueh chap isn't complete without the 'sambal' chillie. As the first plate of chillie is too little, I've requested for another one. When my chillies came, I'm stunt. Gosh, so much!

And then, the king of kueh chap arrives. Wow, so much!!! Anyway, I grade it 9 out of 10. Another point missing because the sambal is not spicy enough. Hehehehe... I finished 2 plate of chillies and yet I don't feel hot or spicy.


Anonymous said…
This is an interesting dish. I love spicy food.
Dav DiDi said…
Thanks for visiting my blog .. well, too bad, the sambal isn't that spicy enough .. you can try the one at 7th mile .. that one is spicy

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