Randomly Pick Delicacies

This is just a random posting of food that is mostly only can be found locally. Hahaha!

While I go through my food photo, I realize that I've took more pictures on food than people. Hhmm, it seems like a habit already to snap photos of what goes in my mouth and not who accompany me to munch those delicious food.

Breakfast is always the most important meal for the day. As I always been eating randomly on my breakfast, so one morning, I decided to get one healthy breakfast - eggs, meats, bacons, beans, fries and toast.

Previously, I wrote about Cencaluk. Let me showed off my 'cencaluk' another time. This is my one of my lunch menu.

Last week, I make my time to use my super long stored 'jelly'. First, of course I must boil water before dumping the jelly stick into the hot water.

Since I have a lot of canned drinks left over from CNY, I use some for the taste. After standing and thinking for a while, I decided to make Justea Jelly....

And packed it for dessert for lunch while BF bring his specialties - sambal.


Anonymous said…
Beans(Rajma) And boiled rice - yummy.

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