RM10 for 1KG per Month Challenge

While working, I use to have a chat with one of my uni friend. Mostly our common topics would be shopping, exercising, muscle vs fats and also our daily life updates.

Today, we get so devastated where our target to lost some more weight had gone no where without improvement. Back before Chinese New Year, my weight is below 50KG. Right after Chinese New Year, I've gain some weight which makes me qualified to be above 50KG. She, too, is having the same scenario as myself. Hahaha...

So, we come out with a simple challenge for ourselves as a way to motivate ourselves. In one month time, if I manage to lost 1KG, she will give me RM10. On the other hand, if I didn't manage to lost 1KG in this one month time, I'll have to pay her. Same goes to her if she achieve the targets. If both of us achieve the target, therefore, the RM10 will be carry forward to the next month of losing another KG. For my target, there's roughly 5KG to go. This means 5 months dieting + vigorous exercising. Hhmmmm....

At the moment, I'm quite motivated. My spirit is an 'ommmpphh'!

In one month time, we will again report to each other our progress and to update each other from time to time on what we will do to achieve this target.

Hopefully at the end of this challenge, I won't hydrate myself and end up doing dreamland exercise...


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