Yearly Event in Catholic Calendar

Yesterday was my second day for the RCIA classes. I must admit that I'm slightly a bit failure of being a Christian. Why? Well, of 28 years as a Christian, I do not know any of the event and the meaning! As part of remembering myself about the teaching and what is happening, I think it's good that I post it up and share with everyone.

Let me start with the summary first. There are 52 weeks in total per year. Anyone know what does each of this weeks means? Well, read on....
- 4 wks of Advent
- 1 wk of Christmas
- 6 wks of Lent
- 7 wks of Easter
- 34 wk of Normal Sunday

Advent - Advent starts four Sunday before Christmas; meaning either early December or end of November. This is the time where we are waiting for the birth of Christ. Normally at this time, it is the time of giving to the charity. For me, most of the time, I'll be preparing small gift of present for the kids at the rural area. Also, it is another round of time for me to clean up my wardrobe and give it to the church.

Christmas - This is the special day for all Christian as we gather together to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is a day to represents the birth of Christ our Saviour to this world.

Lent - We are actually at the second week of Lent now. Lent is a time of fasting before the death of Christ. There are 40 days of Lent (exclude Sunday). This means, six Sundays before Easter. Lent starts with the Ash Wednesday, where we are blessed with the ashes of palm.

Easter - Easter Sunday is use to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. As Jesus resurrect from the dead, we would celebrates Easter for 50 days.

Normal Sunday - when there's no event on that week, it is call the normal Sunday.

If I do intepret any of this wrongly, do let me know. For those that is same like me - the born Christian but a blind one, hope this benefits to you ...


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