Dine @ Barsaga

Have you ever been to Barsaga yet? Well, it is quite a new dining place in Kuching. To those who had never been to Barsaga, it is right behind MD Motor at Chonglin Park.

As some friends are back from oversea, we decided to have a short gathering. Friend A decided to go to Barsaga as they serves no pork. We reach there at 8pm sharp. Yeah, I'm punctual! But I forgot that typical Asian time would always means "+ + " behind the time. While waiting for them, I walk around taking some pictures.

Anyway, the environment is quite nice and I like the scenery. Although I thinks that it would be scary to stay here alone, I do enjoy the view of the mother's nature.

While waiting for other groups, we ordered the satay which, surprisingly, took about 20 minutes to be served. Gosh, I'm awfully hungry by then.

I order blackened fish fillet. The photo is quite dark but the fish is not black in color. Hhhmmm, anyone can tell me why is it the name is blackened when the fish is not black in color?

The rate .. well, obviously I'll come here again for gathering but not for dine-in. I still prefer Hui Sing hawker stall satay and my own cooking of fish fillet. Hahahaha..


danliew said…
Hui Sing hawker stall is the best place to hang out and tasting a variety of nice food. Looking at the pictures you took, they don't really seem appealing to me, I'll skip it. ;)
Dav DiDi said…
Daniel, yalor.. although its not so called rich place food, but Hui Sing hawker stall has the best Kuching variety ..

This Barsaga, well, its place for ppl to hang out and drink.. food wise not so good.. scenery wise, if i'm alone, its scary!