Traffic offences in Kuching

Have you ever wonder if it is safe to drive on the road?

I'm not sure about you but sometimes I do think that there are a lot of irresponsible drivers on the road. Why is it that this numbers of irresponsible drivers are increasing? Where is the concerns and teaching of be safe and save lives?

There's one night, while on my way back from Yoga practices, I saw this very rude black Kenari. He came from no where and simply cut the cut in front of me in front of the traffic light and intends to cross the busy road although the traffic light is still red. He almost got hit though and tries to drive backward as his car is way too in front. Of course, no one wants to give way to him since he is being rude at the first place. What if he got hit? Don't they love their lives?

Not only there are some drivers who is so ridiculous. Some is way too 'bitch'. Not long ago, there's a car over taking me although there's the street is way to busy. This time, this driver, SHE almost make me run over the divider because of her extreme high speed. She saw it and not only she stop or regret after hearing my honk, she show up her middle finger. I was like 'What the hack!' ...

Traffic offences not only happen on the road. It happens at parking spaces too. Each time any of us went out, I believe we can see motorcylist parking at spaces which is designated for cars. No one seems to care whether or not to warn them or ask them to move away.

What is to be done to get rid of these irresponsible drivers?

Kuching use to be very peaceful place but it seems like this country is getting more and more polluted with the negative attitudes of this modern society. Sigh...


Less Patience these days.
Instant - The word these days.
Aries said…
These always happen in K.L too. Just blog hopping. Feel free to visit me.
Dav DiDi said…
I guess people nowadays is becoming more and more uneducated, dont u think so?

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