I believe all of us have the opportunity to choose our choices - whether to be employed or un-employed or be our own boss or just sit tight and not worrying of the future. Whatever is our choice, the future relies on the choices.

Recently, I'm quite down and restless with all the activities in both work and personal. It keeps me thinking of life. What's life all about? Is it about chasing our dreams to be one of the rich fella in the world? Or is it just to be a normal person with just some sort of simple task is a way to lead the life?

In fact, when I'm writting this babbling post, it takes me more than 2 hours to completely finish writting it. Today, I'm really not in the mood in anything, not even in typing a post. At this moody time, I'll always think of strike TOTO as a way to pay off all the loans(car, study, support myself) but that is an impossible thing since I didn't even buy any lottery. Lol .. !

Lately, in personal life, there's a lot of activities going on. I guess I sort of enjoy it but then with some stress at work, those activities seems like a burden rather than enjoyment. Huh..

I'm not going to babbling much about work. At the moment, a lot of circle of changes around me and it seems like affecting the whole chain, not only myself. This is like a chain impact where one side of the chain got the impact but the whole chain along the road feels the impact. Part of me is wondering when will this ends, while another part of me hangs on.

Sigh... I hope I'll have more mood and inspiration to write more interesting posting soon.. Till then, bear with my short posting or maybe, just picture posting!


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