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Little did I know that that our little country now is advancing and had improved a lot. I still remember that long time ago, when I had my passport done, I had to queue up A LOT of times: queue up to get the form, queue up to get numbers, queue up to get my passport application processed, queue up for payment and at the end, queue up to collect my passport.

I must say that the system now had improved a lot and for those who hardly go out during the lunch hour break but in need to apply for passport, you do not have to worry much now.

First, there's no need to queue up to get the form. You can just go to this website and print out the forms. Bear in mind to print double sided.

Then, after filling the form, simply go there to get your applications processed. The best part here is we don't have to waste our annual leave just to go there anymore!! Immigration for passport application is now open every Saturday and Sunday (I think half day until 1.00pm). I save 1 day of my leave (half day to apply, another half day to collect).

But still, be there early, or you will end up waiting for your turn for hours. For my case, I waited for about 1 hour. The services is quite friendly and I feel comfortable while waiting for my turn.

After handed over my application and made payment (takes about 15 minutes only), the lady told me "Collect your passport in two hours time". Oh ok, this is a good news and major improvement! Instead of waiting for a wk or even one day, passport application is now ready for collection within two hours!

I must say, I'm satisfy with the improvements. Guys, a things to share for all.

More Information:

Application form:


Aries said…
Maybe because everything had been computerized, that is why it is faster. Just blog hopping. Have a nice day. By the way, just to let you know I am from Malaysia too
Dav DiDi said…
Hi, Thanks for stopping by .. yeah i think so .. anyway, this is a good one to help us the citizens

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