MKA Dog Show 25th Apr, 2010

This is kind of a late posting. Can't manage to find a time to do the posting last week as I've been hooked up with chasing people for informations at work.

Anyway, last month, we went for the dog show which is held at the Kenyalang Community Centre. BF is thrilled to have the chance to see so many German Shepherds. As for me, I get to see Beagle and Husky. Yeah, Husky, go go go !!!
And the best human friends that I think.. Golden Retriever ..

My favourite breed of dogs is Siberian Husky. However, I believe I won't have the time and place to keep on Husky. Its origin is from the cold country in this Earth. Unless I am thinking to on air-conds for almost all the time at home, else, I don't think I have the time for him/her.

The place I'm sitting is quite near with a rottweiler. In everyone's opinion, rottweiler is fierce and attacked strangers. Well, this rottweiler seems to hate only kids. He is very playful and extremely friendly!

Again, pictures represents a thousand words....


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