My Weekends Activities and FOODS

As I mentioned in my posting earlier on about the event in May which take place in Sarawak, last weekends has been a busy week for me.

One the eve of May, BF had invited me to join their dinner steamboat. I'm the only girl there and was feeling a bit shy. Hahaha... His boss start the conversation by asking some work related items. My feedback to him "I let you know next week because its off office hour." Whahaha!!!

My May weekend starts with the labor day, where I went to Hopoh for LEA Centre half price storewide sales. Surprisingly, I didn't buy anything. BF came to pick me up way too early - 9.30 am. When we reach there, the workers is still busy arranging all the shoes. The ladies side yet to open.

Being early is good in ways that we don't have to worry about parking. When we got there, there's plenty of parkings. But when we came out from Hopoh, everywhere is car! Hehehe...

After that, we headed over to the town area for PIKOM PC Fair at Permata Car Park. But before that, we went for lunch at Sanga Japanese Food. I'll post about the food over there in separate posting.

It is almost 12.30pm when we got to Permata Car Park. The people there is uncountable!! I must say that Kuching-lang is growing and in few more decades, surely there will be more traffic jams! BF bought a new camera here which cost abour RM588.

After the shopping that we have, we went home. When I'm about to take my beauty afternoon nap, dad called and ask me to go for lunch (AGAIN) for my niece's wedding reception(yeah, I'm an aunty!)....

Originally, I thought I'm not invited. Oh well, since my dad already call me, I just go for my second lunch trip at Banquet. Anyway, with super full stomach from japanese food, again, I filled my stomach with lots of good stuff again. Not much picture of the food though. I believe not everyone loves to take pictures and more focus on the hungry stomach.

This is the xx times I've been to The Banquet. I must say the food is quite nice and the price is quite reasonable too. Maybe one day, I should try their other branches around Kuching.

After the extremely packed lunch, I went home dozzing on bed for 2 hours. When I woke up, I feel so heavy and not in the mood for dinner....

Anyway till then, DD is going back to snoozing on bed....


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